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In each episode, our hosts Matthew and Kierston talk about Film. From breaking down both common and uncommon film terms to discussing famous stories, characters, and players in film's history, to talking with people about their jobs in the industry, The Film Podcast will nourish your curiosity for all things film!

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Festival Friday RoundUp: Female-Directed Films Aug 23rd 2018

On Fridays, Matthew and Kierston get on their computers at opposite ends of the city and discuss the craziness that was WILDsound's Thursday Night Festival at the Carlton Cinema. Today, it's an exciting leap down the films on the Female-directed film festival night! 

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#23 Yarn Stories

Well hello there- how would you like to cozy up by the fire and hear about Yarn stories- the story within a story within a story. Today, Matthew and Kierston dive into the age-old type of tale and snip their yarns for listeners along the way. What exactly are Yarn stories? What do they have to do with Pokemon and Crazy Wife-murdering rulers? Do they still exist today? If so, in what form? Find out all on this episode of WILDsound's The Film Podcast!

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#22 Friday Festival Round Up Drama/Crime & Under 5 minute

Every Friday Matthew and Kierston meet up to discuss the festival from the night before. Every Thursday at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto, WILDsound screens amazing films from around the world. Last night it was our Drama/Crime and Under-Five-Minute night. Let's hear about what the audience was like, and what the films were like as well! 

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#8 Speculative Fiction Vs. Science Fiction

Today on The Film Podcast, Matthew and Kierston skim the surface on one of the most popular, complex, and intense genres in media. What exactly is speculative fiction and science fiction? What purpose do these genres play in our society? Kierston and Matthew take on a huge topic and break down what it means in media.

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