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#57- Watch & Listen. Watch: BEFORE YOU WOKE short film. Listen: To Director David Bradburn on making the film

Before you listen to this podcast, WATCH the 4 minute short film BEFORE YOU WOKE on Vimeo.

Then come back here and listen to the podcast with Director/Writer of the short film David Bradburn.

If there is a theme to this episode, it's would be: “It’s All About your Team!” or “It’s All About your Crew!”

A great episode on the art of making a short film. David praises his terrific cast and crew.

His Cast: Christian Litke (and Stunt Coordinator) & Kiea Houseton

His Producing team: Teresa Mathew & Angela Verdino (and Production Designer)

Composer: DC McAuliffe

Cinematographer: Joel McGinty

Film Editor:B.A. Lewandowski

Sound Designer: Evan B. Hisey

Key Grip: Francis Edward

Camera Operator: Joe Mastrino

This episode was sponsored by the 1 page short story contest.