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In each episode, our hosts Matthew and Kierston talk about Film. From breaking down both common and uncommon film terms to discussing famous stories, characters, and players in film's history, to talking with people about their jobs in the industry, The Film Podcast will nourish your curiosity for all things film!

#55 - Interview with Screenwriter Katie Grotzinger (SCOOBY-DOO: AGE OF AQUARIUS)

If there is a theme to this episode it would be “Modern Nostalgia”

Great chatting with the very talented writer Katie Grotzinger. You can see for yourself at her website filled with all of her writings: https://www.kathleengrotzinger.com/

Matthew chats with Katie (2:03) about her winning Scooby-Doo TV spec screenplay, plus her other spec scripts and original works.

You can also watch the Winning Screenplay Reading performed by professional actors at the Fan Fiction Screenplay Festival.

This episode was sponsored by the 1 page short story contest.