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In each episode, our hosts Matthew and Kierston talk about Film. From breaking down both common and uncommon film terms to discussing famous stories, characters, and players in film's history, to talking with people about their jobs in the industry, The Film Podcast will nourish your curiosity for all things film!

#7 Experimental Film

On this episode of The Film Podcast, Kierston and Matthew talk about an Experimental film. What is the experimental film? Why does it exist? What classifies Experimental Film and what cultural capital does it accumulate and create? Matthew and Kierston attempt to figure all this out on today's episode 

show notes

    • Experimental film or sometimes called Avant-garde cinema (it can be debated) in a type of filmmaking that re-evaluates traditional filmmaking and narrative styles, structures, and techniques. It often employs unconventional narrative structures, and/or abstract techniques, such as asynchonristic (non-diegetic) sound, the absence of sound, stream of consciousness storytelling, heavy metaphorical overtones, and non-conventional story-lines, or non-linear plots. 
    • GENERAL EXAMPLE: We don’t often find true experimental films in mass media, but we do see experimental Elements in mass-consumed media. Think of an abstract dream sequence in a film or TV show, of the techniques used to show are a character on a drug trip. One popular way the experimental film is often mass consumed is through Music Videos. 

      Why it is used: 

      -Experimental cinema is just that- an Experiment. It is meant to play with film techniques and narrative structures. Simply put, it is the abstract art of the Cinematic word