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In each episode, our hosts Matthew and Kierston talk about Film. From breaking down both common and uncommon film terms to discussing famous stories, characters, and players in film's history, to talking with people about their jobs in the industry, The Film Podcast will nourish your curiosity for all things film!

#4 Deep Focus

In Today's Episode, Kierston and Matthew break down some camera terms. What is Deep focus? If you work in film or have a background in photography, then you very well may already know. What does imploying deep focus do to your shot? What can this technique due to alter the way you feel and think about the cinematic moment you are experiencing? Join Matthew and Kierston as they break apart all things films! 

Show Notes

  • DEFINITION: Deep-Focus is a camera and cinematographic technique that puts every plane of the scene in clarity. So if we are looking at a focal point- our hero stands in the foreground, around a forest of trees in the mid-ground with a mountain in the background and every section of the piece is totally clear and in focus- that director is employing deep focus.

    GENERAL EXAMPLE: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, 

    Why it is used: When we focus on one thing in the scene we are basically visually saying to the audience “ LOOK AT THIS- FOCUS ON THIS THING”, but when we employ deep focus we are saying “everything in this scene is worth looking at equally.” 
    • It can create a wider sense of spectrum of circumstance- our hero standing in the forest against the mountain, now looks very small, than if the background was out of focus but we saw him clearly. 
    • It creates a dramatic sense of space, physically and metaphorically